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If you are looking to reduce labor costs on the job site, or just need big power in tight places, Boxer is the all around industry leader in Mini-Skid Steer equipment! With a "Ride-On" platform, and the industries first "Variable Width Track Systems" to get in places other equipment simply won't fit, the incredible line of equipment from Boxer is on the cutting edge of Mini-Skid Steer technology. Others simply can't stack up!

Boxer offers a wide variety of over 50 Attachments for Mini's from backhoes, to trenchers, to compactors and buckets, you can count on Boxer to offer high performance attachments built with heavy duty quality.

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Boxer Equipment - Boxer 320

Boxer 320

With a 20 Horse power Kohler Gas Engine, the 320 is designed with a 1,250 pound tip capacity! With over 50 Boxer Mini Attachments for the Boxer 320, you won't have to look far to find a way to reduce labor costs and get more productive.

322D Boxer
Boxer 322D
This Boxer Equipment work horse is equipped with a 25 horse power Kubota Diesel Engine for smooth power on the job.

Only 35 inches wide, this baby will fit through a standard sized gate! Try doing that with a full sized skid steer!

boxer 423d
Boxer 425D

More power in all places. The 425D by Boxer Equipment means business. The hydraulics are pushing 3000 psi, powered by a 25 horsepower Kubota Diesel Engine, and has an 1,800 pound tip capacity!
compact power 427 boxer
Boxer 427

How many times a day while working on your Skid Steer Loader do you find yourself wishing you could just get your bulky Skid Steer into a tight squeeze? The Boxer 427 Mini-Skid steer is the solution!

It features a 27 horsepower Kohler Gas Engine and an 1,800 pound tip capacity. Carry your attachments with you on your very own specially designed Boxer trailer organizer!

427W Boxer Equipment
Boxer 427W
Tread lightly with this awesome wheel loader design from the leader in Compact Power!

Featuring a Kohler 27 horsepower gasoline engine, and only 43.5 inches wide, the wheel design will be sure to please the pickiest of landscapers!
Boxer 526DX
The 526DX by Boxer Equipment is designed to help you reduce your labor cost. Throw away the shovels, maddocks, and post hole diggers.

Featuring a 26 horsepower Perkins Diesel Engine, and a 2,100 pound tip capacity. This model is ALL MUSCLE!
Boxer 532DX
This is the most powerful model in the Boxer line up of Mini-Skid Steer equipment. The Boxer 532DX features a speed control system to maximize hydraulic flow while moving at slow speeds.

A variable width track system helps improve stability, while still allowing you to squeeze in the tight spots.
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